(And Meditation Isn't One!)

We all have mental health, and good mental health is essential for us to live a happy and balanced life. The Mental Health Organisation recently published a study in honour of Mental Health Awareness Week (which is this week) showed that the UK’s mental health is not in a good state. 1 in 4 adults are suffering from some sort of depression or burn out and sadly anxiety attacks are rife amongst millennials. We know that stress levels in cities are on the up, so taking care of our emotional health can no longer be an after thought. Whether you feel fine or you are the 1 in 4 that is really struggling, it's always important to take care of your mind.

Our mental health usually fluctuates on a continuous spectrum, rather than just being statics. Moods and thoughts are changing every minute of every day, and it's easy to forget to be proactive enough when it comes to keeping on top of feeling good. Just like eating well, sleeping and making time for exercise, keeping our emotions in a good place is just another part of maintaining a happy and healthy life. With a plethora of self help and wellbeing tools like meditation, yoga and therapy out there designed to shift us out of a depressive or anxious state, we’re certainly not short of options!

However whilst tools like meditation are excellent and certainly one we advocate here on Inspire, another incredibly important aspect of happiness includes maintaining connection with other humans. Social connection has an enormous link to our happiness, and being around other happy souls can get us out of our heads and into our hearts. You can cultivate this through community, through being pushed out of your comfort zone by trying new things, and most importantly through having FUN.

So, whilst being zen is all the rage right now, we decided in honour of Mental Health Awareness week to compile a list of high intensity, high fun factor things you can do in London that will leave you feeling sweaty, connected and high on life. Set aside your meditation pillow and come get sweaty with us, we guarantee these 4 activities will boost your mood in no time!

Morning Gloryville:

Pioneers of the sober morning raver. Morning Gloryville is an immersive morning dance party. Responsible for bringing world clubbing to the sober stage! Dancing is one of the best serotonin boosts your body can receive. Picture the scene, 6.30am, an epic sound system, dancers in fancy dress, a coffee stand, a high profile DJ on stage, all completely sober all before 9am! The atmosphere is utterly electric. The combination of dancing, sweating, singing, connecting with total strangers sober is a slightly out of body experience. This sacred space allows you to leave your insecurity at the door and have some serious fun! Essentially a 3 hour fitness class with a few yoga breaks in between you leave utterly exhausted, elated, connected and naturally HIGH as a kite. This phenomenon has been gaining momentum over the years as more people catch on to the desire and more importantly the need to connect in a concious way. Warning - guaranteed to make you feel GOOD. Next event is HERE

Chasing Lights Running Community:

The benefits of running for our mental health are endless. Chevy Rough founder of Chasing Lights Collective, found running at a time in his life when he was struggling with his own mental health issues and knows too well the power house combination of movement, connection and community. Running and mental health are incredibly good companions and it doesn't take long for you self esteem to increase, your physical fitness to improve and that boost of serotonin will leave you feeling totally euphoric. So what are you waiting for? Grab your running trainers and hit the road! For further information click here.

Psycle Spin Class:

Do we need to say it? Go on then we will. There really is nothing like a group sweat #cardiorave spin class. This full body work is dynamite! Music is a huge part of the experience, taking the class on a journey through highs, lows and (certainly) intense moments. This allows you to release emotions you may have been building all day in the office. Psycle is so much more than a workout - It’s therapy, it’s connection, it’s an epic release all in one 45 minute class. You may go in feeling stressed but you leave with a guaranteed feeling of elation, exhaustion and connection. And certainly like you've achieved something huge (because you have!). What could be better for your mental health that that?! Come and get involved with the sweatiest family in town. Classes are here.

Ballie Ballerson:

New kids on the east block. BallieBallerson presents GlowyMcGlow: an adult play pen set over two floors; the underground club is kitted out with 250k clear balls set upon a 10k LED dancefloor. It’s the perfect combination of cheeky nostalgia mixed with adult hedonism! Founder Wenny Armstrong created Ballie Ballerson because having the best cocktails, the best decor and the best music doesn't necessarily mean your bar will succeed in such a competitive city. With over 80,000 million views, this concept has well and truly gone viral! 48 hours before opening this little bar Time Out, Evening Standard, Buzzfeed and Lad Bible all wanted to make videos. That aside it's the perfect Millenial hang out #theselfiegameisstrong. We're totally sold! What a perfect way to boost your mood, unleash your inner child and have a whole load of fun! Click here for the next Ballie event. And if you're a brand wanting to hire the balls click here.


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