Munch on these for lasting energy

Depending on your lifestyle, eating habits and metabolism, regular meals usually aren’t enough to satisfy most of us throughout the day. But rather than reaching for convenience foods, sugary foods and store-bought snacks when hunger strikes, make sure you’re armed and prepared with these healthy snacks that’ll keep your blood sugar levels stable. Keep them in your gym bag, on your desk at work or at home in the kitchen for an easy go-to that won’t hamper your healthy-eating goals.

1 Wholegrain rice cakes with nut butter

You can find rice cakes in pretty much any supermarket these days, but make sure you check the label to ensure they are made with wholegrain rice, rather than white rice – this will give you a lasting energy boost.

Instead of opting for flavoured options which can often be laden with salt and sugar, buy them plain and add your own toppings. Try spreading some nut butter on top of a couple for a mid-afternoon snack – an easy way to pack some protein into these simple snacks.

2 Greek yoghurt with fruit

If you eat dairy, Greek yoghurt should be one of your healthy snack staples. Compared to regular yoghurts (and yes, even Greek-styleyoghurts), Greek yoghurt has super high levels of protein in it, making it a must for anyone who works out regularly, as well as keeping you full until your next meal.

Chuck in some fruit to upgrade your snack – berries work really well and will also give you that antioxidant hit your immune system will thank you for.

3 Houmous and veg

Who doesn’t like houmous? You can get some pretty decent stuff in health shops these days, but it’s also easy to make yourself by blending chickpeas, olive oil, tahini, lemon juice and garlic together. This way you can also ensure a good chickpea content with no fillers.

Prepare a batch of vegetables like celery, carrots and cucumber cut into matchsticks, and dip away.

4 Coffee smoothie

Been hit with that mid-morning slump? Rather than reaching for your regular cup of Joe, why not spice things up by trying a coffee smoothie, which you can prepare in the morning and keep in the fridge until you need it?

Blend up a cup of cold coffee with a frozen banana, cacao powder and thick yoghurt. You could even chuck in some supergreen powders, spinach and kale to really up the health factor.

5 Vegetable crisps

Love something to crunch on? Cook up a batch of homemade vegetable crisps for the week ahead so you’ve got a healthier option next time you’re craving crisps.

Thinly slice up root vegetables such as parsnips, sweet potato, beetroot and carrots (using a vegetable peeler may be easier if you’re not a whizz with a knife), then dry them off with kitchen roll. Toss through avocado oil, then season well with sea salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and any other spices you wish. Lay them flat on a baking tray in an oven on a medium-high heat for 20 minutes, turning halfway through.


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