That are actually satisfying!

People tend to look for low-carb meal inspo for different reasons - whether you like to eat Paleo or you practise carb cycling, the idea of eating low-carb meals or even a low-carb diet shouldn’t be shot down when done correctly and healthily. Making sure you get a wide range of nutrients and enough calories to power your day is essential to feeling good, performing well and functioning at your best.

Low-carb meals are often associated with plain salad leaves, small portions and a lack of flavour. But this definitely doesn’t need to be the case (with any meal, if you ask us!). In fact, these low-carb breakfast ideas are not only big on flavour, but they’ll keep you feeling full until lunch, energised and seriously satisfied.

1 Supergreen smoothie bowl

Whizzing up your favourite fruits and veg into a smoothie drink is perfect if you’re on the go, in search of a quick ‘get it down me’ breakfast. But if you prefer a sit-down option that fits into a proper eating ritual, make a smoothie bowl your go-to. All the goodness of a smoothie with the satisfaction of a proper meal.

Start by blending up your favourite greens (try kale, spinach and cucumber as the ultimate energising combo) with a scoop of vanilla protein powder, half an avocado and a dash of water or milk. The amount of liquid depends on how thick you like your smoothies.

Once you’ve ended up with the consistency you’re happy with, transfer over to a bowl and top with berries, nuts and seeds. Don’t forget to take a pic!

2 Eggs and avo on cauli toast

Just because you’re eating low carb, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy your favourite meals, even if they do usually involve toast! An easy nutrition hack when avoiding bread is to replace it with ‘cauli’ toast.

Take a thick slice of the largest part of a head of cauliflower, and fry in a non-stick pan. You can use a little coconut or avocado oil to make sure it turns out nice and crispy. Mash up an avocado with a squeeze of lemon and a dash of cayenne pepper, then top with eggs cooked however you like. (Poached for us, obviously.)

Eggs and avo on everything, are we right?

3 Rainbow vegetable omelette

You can’t go wrong with an omelette. This protein-packed breakfast is a classic for a reason - plus it’s an easy way to get a tonne of veg in you. Try to aim for three to five different vegetables varying in colour - for example, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and yellow peppers. This will ensure you’re consuming a broad spectrum of nutrients and a balanced diet.

4 Homemade grain-free granola

If you just can’t resist the crunch of a bowl of cereal in the morning, batch-making your own low-carb granola could be a life saver. It might be free from grains, but you can enjoy it in the exact same way you would your regular cereal, and it tastes just as satisfying, trust us!

In a large baking tray, toast with coconut oil a mixture of coconut flakes, chopped nuts and whole seeds seasoned with cinnamon and cacao powder. You can sweeten this however you wish - honey, maple syrup or anything sticky works well, but unsweetened is still delicious. Store in an airtight container and tuck in first thing with the milk of your choice!

5 Chia pudding pot

Don’t be fooled by the name - chia puddings can easily be crafted into the perfect breakfast. The thick pots of goodness are full of fibre and protein, and although need to prepared the night before, are totally worth the effort.

Mix one part chia seeds with two parts nut milk. Throwing in a serving of protein powder is a good way to add some sweetness as well as boost the protein content. Stir well and leave in the fridge overnight. The next morning, the chia seeds should have swelled and absorbed all of the liquid, resulting in a thick, pudding consistency. Now it’s time to get creative - add chopped fruit, flaked almonds and any other toppings you think might work well.


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