Live your best life this summer

1 Drink more water

Staying hydrated seems like an obvious one, but let’s break it down. Not only do we get way sweatier while working out in the summer (park workouts, we’re looking at you!) but we’re generally losing more fluid throughout the day too, thanks to the heat and humidity.

Sure, this makes us thirstier, but dehydration affects many processes within the body that we might not even be aware of, like brain function. Treat yourself to a reusable water bottle to remind you to keep drinking, or think about using an app to keep track of your water intake. On hot days, aim for half a litre more than you usually drink - and remember to hydrate throughout the day - not just when you’re feeling thirsty.

2 Work out early

Long summer nights and meet-ups are a match made in heaven. Leaving work and socialising with colleagues, friends and family outside in the warm weather are a must, right? You can keep your social life flourishing without sacrificing your fitness goals too - you just need to get organised.

Get your workouts in early, dedicating time either before work or during your lunch break if you have time to that spin, yoga or HIIT class that you know always gets you feeling right. That way, by the time work finishes, you can kick back and enjoy yourself whatever you choose to do.

Struggling to make it work? Make sure you’ve packed your gym clothes the night before to make everything as seamless as possible once that alarm clock sounds.

3 Eat fresh, local and seasonal

Chowing down on fresh fruits and vegetables is always a good idea regardless of the time of year, but summer is when we get our best produce and are able to source our ingredients more locally as a result.

Seasonal fruits and veg in the summer in the UK include raspberries, aubergine and watermelon, so get stocked up! Eating seasonally ensures produce is at its highest quality - which means a higher nutrient profile for you.

4 Wear sunscreen

...yes, even if you want a tan! We can’t say no to a summer glow, but don’t let your skin health suffer while chasing those rays. Choose a broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection sunscreen of at least SPF15 to protect your skin from ageing as well as burning. And of course, only you know how much protection you need according to the skin type you have. Since no sunscreen will protect your skin entirely, you’ll still pick up some colour no matter what.

5 Get scrubbing

And rather than worshipping that sun day in, day out; try to steer clear of overexposure to the sun. Instead of constantly sun-bathing to keep your tan topped up, why not make your existing glow last longer?

Exfoliate regularly to get rid of dry, flaky skin. Keeping it super smooth and buffed from the get-go will give you a more even, lasting tan. Bonus points if you use a body brush before showering, too. It only takes a couple of minutes and your tan will thank you!


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