By Rhian

Christmas is a time where routine goes out the window. But just because we can't make it to our favourite class, doesn't mean that we can't squeeze in a workout between roast dinners and champagne toasts - we just need to be a little more creative with how we sweat.

Whenever you have 5 minutes to spare, try some of these mini HIIT sets to keep your body fired up throughout the festive season.

What you need to have: Trainers and a phone to time your sets. That's it!

What you need to bring: Your best effort! These sets are short and simple - so you can really go for it!

I always recommend a little warm up. So, jog down the road or do some jumping jacks or dynamic stretching before you start. Anything that makes you feel a bit more limber and ready.

Circuit 1

*1 minute of mountain climbers

*4 minute HIIT — 20 seconds of squat jumps with 10 seconds rest, 8 times through. Make sure you squat as low as possible and jump as high as possible for the most engagement. You should be able to fit 14-16 jumps in 20 seconds.

* 1 minute of press ups — as many as you can. Even if you have to drop to your knees, keep going for the full minute!

Circuit 2

* 1 minute of burpees

* 4 minute HIIT: 20 second jumping lunges with 10 seconds rest, 8 times through

* 1 minute of burpees

(For an advanced option, try doing chest-to-floor burpees. The added press up is a great challenge!)

Circuit 3

* 2 minutes of 1 legged stationary lunges. Place your back leg on a bench or ledge and with your other leg out in front. Lunge as deeply as possible, keeping your hands on your hips, core engaged and back straight & upright. Complete 1 minute on each leg, with no rest in between.

* 1 minute of mountain climbers

* 2 minutes of stationary lunges (as above)

* 1 minute of burpees with a jump

(Flow through these exercises continuously without rest.)

Circuit 4

* 1 minute plank

* 1 minute of mountain climbers

* 1 minute of press ups

* 1 minute of split squats. Start with your legs together, standing tall. Jump into a wide deep squat, hold at the bottom, and jump back to centre. Repeat for 1 minute. Pause only at bottom of the squat, so that you are spending only 1 second standing tall.

* 1 minute of commandos. Starting in a forearm plank, press yourself up one arm at a time into a high plank. Reverse down again, ensuring you keep you hips level and abs pulled in the whole time.

Circuit 5

* 1 minute of barre squats. Stand tall with your feet together — you will need something to hold on to lightly (wall, door, tree). Turn your feet out so your heels are still touching but toes point out. Raise into your tip toes keeping you heels together. Squat 3/4 of the way down and raise up to the walkway point. This is your range of movement - keep it small and controlled, with your back upright and as little weight in your hands as possible.

* 1 minute of burps to tuck jumps. At the top if your burpee, jump as high as you can into a tuck and repeat.

* 1 minute of walking lunges

* 1 minute of press ups. Take 3 seconds to drop down and then 1 second to press up. Try to keep this challenging tempo the whole way through.

* 1 minute of tricep dip, same tempo as above (you will need a bench, chair or ledge). Aim to keep your bum right under your torso. Beginners keep your legs bent; legs straight out is more challenging.




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