By Annie Clarke (Mind Body Bowl)

Meet yoga teacher and wellbeing YouTuber - Annie Clarke Mind Body Bowl . Her book Mind Body Bowl came out this year - No prescriptions, no rules, just you, your mind, your body and....your bowl! She's a huge advocate for balance in all areas of life - it's a great read. Follow her on Instagram and find out more about her latest retreat at 42 Acres on the 28th of July.

With more and more people taking responsibility for their health, there seems to be a real growth in the trend for healthy holidays. But if you’re not planning on taking yourself to a bootcamp or signing up to a yoga retreat, what can you do on holiday to keep up the habits you’ve worked hard to build at home?

1) Stretch It Out

Pack a yoga mat (if you have one) or check the facilities at the place you are staying. Forget working out for a moment, just have a little stretch in the morning and it’s amazing how good it can make you feel, especially after travelling.

2) Eat Fresh And Local Food

One of my favourite things about travelling is exploring the local food.I love finding fresh, light meals made up the local produce. That way the food tends to have so much flavour and it’s a great way to get to know the culture too!

3) Look after your gut

I’m no expert on this one but we all know what can happen when we travel. Look after your gut in the run up to and during your trip in order to strengthen your gut against new bacteria.

4) Explore On Foot

If you’re into running, why not head out on a jog and explore the place on foot? And if running isn’t your thing, just walking round is a great way to get a bit of movement while taking a tour!

5) Take Time To Rest

Holidays are for resting! Make sure you leave yourself enough time to relax while you are away. Your mental health is just as important as the physical side and a holiday is a great opportunity to nurture body AND mind.

The bottom line is that a holiday is an opportunity to focus on our mental wellbeing, to detach from the stressors of every day life. If we can come back feeling great, fully refreshed on a physical and mental level then mission accomplished, so don’t worry about taking the time to rest if that is what you need. Tune in, disconnect and have fun!


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