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As the concept of a modern career has diversified, the definition of the modern workspace has grown to include coffee shops, restaurants, community spaces and more. The rise in freelance and entrepreneurial workers has moved business away from the boardroom and meant cafes and restaurants must adapt to gain the attention of these work-from-home types. Here are some of our favourite work/social crossover spaces.



Most specialty coffee shops in London are willing to compromise the kind of amenities you would expect from a Starbucks or Costa (wifi, spacious tables, plugs etc.) to put the focus where it should be, on the coffee. This is understandable, however unfortunate for those who want to work and enjoy an excellent cup of coffee. Luckily, there is Timberyard. With three locations around London, Timberyard really is the best of both worlds. Make sure you check out their websites for loads of options to book private meeting spaces or just head down and grab a table. (Image credit:Timberyard)

Riding House Cafe

The Riding House Cafe is very much a restaurant and a lovely one at that. Having said that, it is also, somewhat sneakily, a destination for offsite business meetings, working lunches and even has a private boardroom, which can hold up to 14 people. With plugs scattered around the floor and great wifi, this centrally located spot is ideal for working and networking alike. (Image credit: Riding House Cafe)


Netil 360

This is a real gem in a very accessible part of Hackney, at the top of Broadway Market (one of my favourite streets in London). Netil 360 provides complementary workspace, wifi and charging stations in a vibrant airy space. There is even an amazing rooftop bar if you need a drink at the end of a long workday. (Image credit: Eat Work Art)

Barber & Parlour

This is a real all-service space. With a restaurant/cafe, barber shop, beauty salon and cinema all in one open warehouse-style space on Redchurch Street, you could really spend the whole day here. They serve great coffee, cold-pressed juice and delicious food as well. (Image credit: London on the Inside)

Ace Hotel

Expect to get here early or be met by a crowd. Perhaps the most popular work/cafe space in East London, the Ace Hotel is a freelancer’s paradise. There is a cafe, Bulldog Edition (serving up Square Mile coffee), and a juice bar, Lovage, on sight but they provide full table service, including a breakfast and lunch menu, so you can really hunker down and claim a spot for as long as you need. The space is energetic and open, in a great location on Shoreditch High Street and turns into a pretty fun bar in the evenings. (Image credit: Melting Butter)


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