6 Pieces Of Equipment For A New You
Even when we have the best intentions for our exercise regime, let's face it our work and social calendars don't always fall in line to make it easy. Or there's a tube trike. Or we're actually just too tired to add an extra hour to our commute. Whatever your reason, one of the best things you can do in order to achieve consistency with workouts is arming yourself with a few key pieces of equipment so that you can burn it out at home. When you're short on time, a 30-40 minute HIIT session is all you need! Pick one, pick all, or slowly work your way up to building something complete.

The Essentials:

KETTLEBELL(S)(Image courtesy of Rogue)

You'll want to get at least 2. One heavy weight for legs, swings and powerful compound moves, and one lighter one so that you can work your upper body.

Favourite Brand: Rogue
Favourite Move: Kettlebell front squat. Add a press to boost your metabolism and engage your upper body.

Skipping is surprisingly difficult, and has a surprising armoury of benefits. It increases muscle tone. It's fantastic for the lymphatic system, circulatory system, and joints. It improves footwork, balance, coordination and agility. And its one of the best, full body exercises for endurance and conditioning.
Favourite Brand: Adidas, or Nike for their weighted skipping rope, which adds a whole other dimension to your session.
Favourite move: Single legged intervals. Jump with both feet for 60 seconds, and then 30 seconds on the left foot, 30 on the right, and back to 60 seconds centre. Each time you repeat this, add 10 seconds onto your single legged intervals. Work through the intervals continuously.


(Image courtesy of Synergee)

Gliding discs give you big results for such a small package. Incredible for arms, abdominals/core, toning, range of movement and balance.
Favourite Brand: Synergee
Favourite Move: Jack press up (pike, plank, press up).

Dumbells allow you to have an infinite amount of variety in your workouts. If you are only buying one pair, make it a medium weight that will challenge you, but you'll be able to work multiple muscle groups with. For example, I have a 6kg and 9kg pair at home - any heavier than that an I would seriously limit the amount of moves I could do without a bench.
Favourite Brand: Bodymax.
Favourite Move: For total body & HIIT, it has to be Man Makers! Shoulders, back, core, triceps, biceps, legs, glutes and cardiovascular system - this move works you in every way.

Resistance bands are an essential. They're a great addition for strength work but are also excellent for rehabilitation & stability work. Another perfect one to take on holiday (with your skipping rope!) and easy to personalise, as they come in multiple strengths and sizes.
Favourite Brand: The Physical Company
Favourite Move: Lateral band walk.

For yoga, general stretching, ab work or anything on the floor.
Favourite Brand: Lifeform
Favourite Move: For strength, plank get ups. For stretching, pigeon.

This is one of my favourite pieces of equipment. It's pricier than all of the above, but it's a fantastic investment because of it's durability (I've had mine for 5 years already). Great for park training, beach holidays or any outside space, all you need is somewhere to attach it to and you can work everything from single muscle groups to compound movements to high intensity intervals.
Favourite Brand: TRX
Favourite Move: Single leg burpees.


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