By Gemma

This Chakra is all about UNDERSTANDING.

  • NAME: Sahasrana
  • ELEMENT: Thought
  • COLOUR: Violet
  • LOCATION: cerebral cortex
  • IDENTITY: Universal

Located up from the carotid plexus at the cerebral cortex, this chakra is all about our universal identity, our self knowledge and understanding. This is when our consciousness begins to expand further than our own small world and the trials and tribulations it brings, and when we find a connection to the magnificence and mystery of the universe around us. The crown chakra is perceived as our gateway to higher consciousness, and the more our consciousness can expand, the larger our identity can become. For instance, when we truly come to realise the magnificent scale of the universe that our world is in, we realise and have the opportunity to transcend our smaller, more limited world and start to identify with the entire universe. We begin to realise that, in fact, all life is interconnected and we are all part of a magical and mystical realm of creation. In eastern philosophy, this is the basis of true self-knowledge -- the knowledge of divinity within. At the outer extreme of the crown chakra, our individual identity merges and transcends to the larger field of the divine. But "what is the divine?" I hear you cry. Well, really, everyone has their own perception of what this is. Many religions will have a figure, or God, for some it's the belief in something bigger, which is more rooted in belief itself or in Mother Nature. Either way divinity is the realisation of something pure, wholesome and universal. And actually, when we open ourselves out to the seventh chakra, we realise that we, as well as everyone and everything, are divine. And that we get shrouded in ignorance, we have layers to clean in order to see clearly through the lens of high divine consciousness. Baffling? Well, yes, just. If you have opened your seventh chakra, you will be an enlightened being or nearabouts. Sounds easy, but not so much. The work of the lower chakras has to be done first, this is the cleaning of each of the inner lenses, each pane of glass to really reach to enlightenment.

So what would a balanced seventh chakra be?

The first chakra was the element earth (steadiness), the second chakra was the element water (movement), the third chakra was the element fire (transformation), the fourth chakra was the element air (love), the fifth chakra was the element sound (expression), the sixth chakra was the element light (intuition) and the seventh chakra is the element THOUGHT and related to UNDERSTANDING. A person balanced in this chakra would be spiritually connected. The basic rights of this chakra is 'to know and so learn'. A person balanced here would KNOW there is a divinity beyond and enlightenment to reach, they are on the path to this. However, they stay firmly rooted and connected to the world around them. They have the ability to perceive, analyse and assimilate information. They are thoughtful, intelligent and wise. They have an ability to question with their grounded open mind.

And what causes imbalances?

Imbalances may develop temporarily with situational challenges, or they may be chronic. A chronic imbalance can come from childhood experiences, past pain or stress, and internalised cultural values. Blockages from lower chakras WILL have a knock-on effect on the seventh chakra. For instance, if you have any imbalances through the lower chakras, our consciousness cannot rise up enough to get to the seventh chakra. And don't worry, this is pretty much ALL OF US!! Our understanding of the world around us is established through our upbringing and environment. Everyone will understand the world in a different way as they start to mature. Our job is to understand this, to move forward and to awaken. Those times when our life has been turned upside down and feel like they've been thrown in the tumble dryer are often the very moments in life that lead us to a higher consciousness, when we are taken out of what we "know to be true" and into something much bigger.

What happens when we are deficient?

When we are deficient in this chakra, we are often spiritually cynical, have very rigid belief systems, probably based upon material things, sometimes greed or domination of others. Probably apathetic, deficient people find it hard to relate to people and especially spiritualism and spiritual people. Liking to stay in the safe tangible world of what you can see and feel, deficient people may feel a lacking or emptiness in their life which is 'unexplained'.

What happens when we are excessive?

When we are excessive in this chakra, we tend to over-intellectualise everything and can experience spiritual addiction, finding it hard to do the basic menial tasks of life, excessive seventh chakra people want to stay in the high realms of thought and feeling. And although this may seem appealing, it can go too far where there is a dissociation from body and the tangible which can lead to much confusion.

So what can we do to help balance deficiency?

Examine your belief systems.

Deficient seventh chakra people probably find the spiritual world baffling, a joke, or confusing. If you do think these things then why not educate yourself a little more on spiritual practice and what it means. There are some brilliant well written and scientific books about spirituality. Why not give them a go simply to expand your knowledge on this area and see what you gain.

See everyone in a different light.

Part of expanding the seventh chakra is seeing everyone and everything around you as divine. And yes you may think this seems ridiculous, however, why not take a moment everyday to see something a little deeper or special in one of the people you work with, a family member, your loved one. Or even the person who makes you coffee in the morning, notice something divine in them, the colour of their hair, the care they take in making your coffee, or how they talk. If you find it hard, imagine they are divine beings trapped...isn't that a whole new take on things?

Ask friends and family their view.

Open up the question of spiritually in a non-judgemental way, simply to expand your understanding and others may believe something you never knew. Their thinking may open your mind to a new way or even soften your belief systems and the rigidity in what you think you know to be true.

Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation give you time out of the fast pace of city life and allow you explore your thoughts and feelings, maybe deeply buried and old family prejudices and beliefs in order to make your own. Remember that our known world is manifested from our upbringing and sometimes it's good to throw it all up in the air and see what sticks.

Know your own worth.

Remember that you are in control of your own worth. Take time out to realise your own unique qualities. KNOW that you are more, you are so unique and can offer the world and those around you so much if you begin to realise your true divinity and awesomeness. Remember that everyone wants you to be the TRUE version of yourself.


  • Divinity resides within me.
  • I am open to new ideas.

What can we do to balance excess?

Depending on how excessive you are, you may need to seek help, either psychotherapy, or spiritual therapy.


When we become excessive, perhaps we lose contact with the real tangible world around us. It's important to have a routine and stick to it. Allow your spirituality to come through what you do and what you care about. Keep taking your spirituality outside of yourself so you don't alienate yourself from those around you.

Teachers or guides

When you are excess here it's good to have a spiritual guide or teacher to help you. You obviously have an amazing openness to the universal connection but without guidance sometimes we can get lost. Find a teacher and see them regularly every week. You are probably going to be an amazing teacher, healer or guide yourself.

Re-establish physical and emotional connection

You need to keep connected to all the other work you have done within the lower chakras, stay grounded and balanced. Do exercise, stay in your body and in connection to loved ones around you. The tendency here is to go off into your own meditative world.

Use your skill

You obviously have some amazing abilities, knowledge and visualisation, if used in the right way you can really be a leader in helping to raise the world consciousness and help those in need. Use your knowledge, your visions and take this practically into the real world. Volunteer, set up a charity, you name it, go for it.


  • I am guided by inner wisdom
  • The world is my teacher.

Remember that we are ALL imbalanced in someway, and this is also what makes us unique. Embrace your imperfections and learn to love them, explore them, and perhaps you'll open to things you never thought possible. If we see ourselves with imbalances rather than flaws we begin to see that we can actually become more balanced and that we are constantly growing, learning, changing, in this wonderful whacky world. Remember we are in it together!

Namaste -- the meaning of Namaste is "the light (divine) in me sees the light (divine) in you and bows down to you" or my modern translation is "the awesomeness in me sees the awesomeness in you and high fives you" and on that note, Chakra Chats is complete!


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