By Gemma

This Chakra is all about EXPRESSION.

NAME: Vishuddha (purification)


COLOUR: Bright blue

LOCATION: Throat (pharyngeal plexus)

IDENTITY: Creative

Located up from the cardiac plexus at the pharyngeal plexus, this chakra is our creative expression and communication centre or, simply, our right to speak and be heard. It is about using the voice to express what we think and feel out loud and owning our ability to do this. This chakra is also about how we allow others' expression to resonate with us. The way I visualise this chakra is similar to imagining ourselves as a music instrument; when we are in tune with ourselves and also with those around us, it's possible to find ourselves in a wonderful, balanced symphony orchestra of life.

So what would a balanced fifth chakra be?

The first chakra was the element earth (steadiness), the second chakra was the element water (movement), the third chakra was the element fire (transformation) and the fourth chakra was the element air (love). The fifth chakra is the element sound. A person balanced in this chakra is a good communicator, able to speak and express their truth and also able to listen and take on board other people's thoughts and ideas. When you find your voice, you often feel more creative, so balanced fifth chakra people are often creative. When the fifth chakra is balanced then often the voice physically becomes a little more resonant. Balanced people are not afraid to voice their opinions. Think of yourself as a guitar, if you play too loud and out of tune people may not want to listen, if you play too quietly or even have a string missing then you won't be heard. When we become in TUNE with ourselves first then we don't need to play loud to be heard as what we play is in perfect harmony. And when we are in perfect harmony people are more inclined to listen or even play along.

And what causes imbalances?

Imbalances may develop temporarily with situational challenges, or they may be chronic. A chronic imbalance can come from childhood experiences, past pain or stress, or internalised cultural values. Blockages from lower chakras can, of course, have a knock on affect on the fifth chakra. For instance, if you have had a trauma, which is affecting your self confidence (third chakra) (or third guitar string!!) or if you are in a relationship that makes you feel unloved (fourth chakra), you may find it incredibly difficult to express your truth (your guitar is a little weaker and quieter; it doesn't sound quite right). Ever let someone go that you wished you’d said 'x, y, z' to? Have you ever physically felt a lump in your throat? This is a blockage resulting from the impulse of what your heart wants to say getting trapped at the throat chakra. GULP. If you were always told as a child to be quiet or that your opinion wasn't heard, you'll probably find it more difficult to express yourself. Or, if you've always been the centre of attention - in the family, at school, on the stage - perhaps you love to talk and talk and talk...

What happens when we are deficient?

When you are deficient in this chakra, you are often a little more shy, maybe get a little nervous around public speaking, or being asked your opinion. Maybe you get stunned or feel frozen when asked to speak up. You prefer to go with the flow, even if perhaps you don't agree for fear of having to express yourself as you find this a challenge. Perhaps your voice is a little quieter when you do speak, and not very resonant, not talking 'on voice' as if your voice isn't really yours. You are not too expressive, perhaps finding rhythm more challenging as you don't allow the world around you to properly resonate with you, a feeling of being a little 'out of tune.'

What happens when we are excessive?

When you are excessive in this chakra, you may go the other way by needing to constantly express yourself and be heard. You may find that you constantly interrupt people, or speak over people in order for your opinion to be the most important, whether you realise this or not. You are the loud one in the group and perhaps love to challenge other people's opinions, maybe to the point where you have to win an argument. You are overly expressive, and perhaps you are the one that gets asked to keep your voice down. You find listening to others difficult, or perhaps don't listen at all. Your guitar is drowning out all others! You talk as a defence, which can lead to gossiping, exaggeration and having to talk about everything.

Remember, not many people are completely balanced and with both deficiency and excessiveness you may have small traits of either!

So what can we do to help balance deficiency?

When we are deficient in this chakra, we want to start to feel safe in expressing ourselves.

Tune in…

Again, come back to the image of the guitar. Start to tune in with yourself first. Connecting to the heart and how we feel about things will help us begin to realise WHAT we WANT to express, what is important to us and what we believe in. It's no good finding your voice if it's not really yours. Take some quiet time by yourself to sit and LISTEN in. Remember, this chakra is all about how we RESONATE with the world around us.

Find your voice…

Sing in the shower, hum around the house, put some music on and sing along. The vibrations you make through sound actually help to wake this energy centre up. You will start to talk a little more 'on voice,' that is CONNECTED to your voice, your sound.

Start listening more…

When we are really present with a good friend that we feel safe with and when we REALLY listen (instead of allowing our thoughts to dart off to other things) then we can connect to the conversation.

When you care about what the other person is saying and you really hear it, you will find that you enter into a free flowing dialogue without overthinking it. Remember, you don't need to talk all the time. A balanced chakra is a balance between listening and expressing.

WOOP in your Psycle class…

Yes!! You know when your instructor asks how everyone is and you hate having to respond, why not shout out! It's the perfect place to do so. It's dark, there is loud music and it helps you get revved up and ready for your workout!! And us instructors LOVE to hear you! Even come and chat to us after class. Find your tribe and you'll start to feel more alive and expressive.


  • My voice is necessary.
  • Creativity flows in and through me.

What can we do to balance excess?

It's important with excess to check in with the lower chakras so that our strong voice is coming from a truthful and grounded place.


It's important to listen to those around you. Try and listen without thinking of your response or what you want to say next. Simply listen. Especially if you are in charge of a team or you are a leader, creating a safe space for others to express themselves means you'll begin to reap the benefits of stronger connections with those around you.


Time to sit alone is probably not what you like best but it's great to check in with your truth. Connect back to the heart. When we are connected to ourselves and feel grounded, we often don't need to initiate that argument, or perhaps we can approach a difference of opinions with more compassion rather than with blinders on.

Find time to let it out…

Expression is important to you, so express yourself! Start to play an instrument, sing, find an outlet to express yourself other than constantly needing to be heard by others. Or have a debate and enjoy the debate without trying to win it.


Try for a day to speak only truth. And notice how much you perhaps bend the truth, exaggerate, gossip. How does it feel when you don't?


  • I hear and speak the truth
  • Creativity flows in and through me

Remember that we are ALL imbalanced in someway, and this is also what makes us unique. Embrace your imperfections and learn to love them, explore them, and perhaps you'll open to things you never thought possible. If we see ourselves with imbalances rather than flaws we begin to see that we can actually become more balanced and that we are constantly growing, learning, changing, in this wonderful whacky world. Remember we are in it together!


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