By Rebecca Dennis

Meet Rebecca - Mother, Author and Breathworker. We find out what this amazing ancient tool is and why it really works to clearing all our modern woes...

Tell us about yourself and what makes you tick?

I am an author, Transformational Breath coach and founder of What makes me tick is breathwork and I just love sharing this cutting edge technique. The most important thing in life is to breathe – after all, we live to breathe and we breathe to live. We cannot exist without it. It’s the first thing we do when we make our entrance into the world and it is the last thing we do when we exit so we may as well have a good relationship with the way we breathe. How we breathe is indicative to how we feel about life.

For our readers, who might not (yet!) have heard of this type of therapy, what is transformational breathing?

This self healing technique helps us to let go of unhealthy patterns and allow the breath to flow in the way we can in life. Breath is our anchor and although we cannot always control what is happening around us it can help us to feel balanced, centered and calm. When we open our breath and use our respiratory system to its’ full capacity we can let go of any blockages, emotional past drama and trauma we are holding onto in our body. This helps our general wellbeing on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. As we are all unique we all have our own unique breathing pattern, a bit like our thumb print. Our breath pattern shows our story and the way we perceive the world around us. Some of us are chest breathers whilst others are belly breathers. When you see a baby breathing you will notice that they are breathing in their belly, midsection and chest. This is not about learning new tricks but getting the body to remember to breathe in this way.

Why would we use it over a typical more traditional talking therapy?

Breathwork is like having talk therapy without having to do the talking. Often we are holding onto stuff in our subconscious that we can’t access always through the mind. When we bridge our mind and body together with the breath in my experience this is the most effective way to let go of emotional baggage and move forward.

Can you give us a couple of tangible examples of how breath work has transformed (pardon the pun!) you're life?

I lived with depression for 20 years before I found Transformational Breath. I had been doing a lot of searching and when I came across this technique I realised that I had found something very special. It helped me to overcome depression and come off medication which I had been taking for 15 years. Since then it has helped me in so many other ways, for example my relationship with myself and others, self esteem and dealing with anxiety.

Other than breathwork, what daily tools keep you calm?

I use my breathing exercises every day (of course!) and I run, swim or practice yoga. It’s all about balance and not spreading ourselves too thinly.

What inspires you?

My little boy. He teaches me every day to live in the moment and unconditionally love. I always find myself inspired by incredible women. It’s not that I don’t get inspired by men but I feel that 2017 is the year of female rising. The time for women to fully step into their power, be heard and to speak for the female voices that have been silenced over the years. To an extent we have been conditioned by our cultures, upbringing and surroundings to how a woman should be or look in the world. Together we can be a collective voice and be there for each other to inspire love, compassion and hope.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Snuggling up with a film or a boxset. I like to go for walks in the woods and forget about time and get a bit lost.

What are three words to describe you?

Passionate, loving and a work in progress!

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