Part 3: MIND

It’s Christmas, it’s time to let our hair down, get our glad rags on, eat, drink and be god damn merry, right?

For sure, however, usually by this point of the year, we’re dragging ourselves out of bed (from one too many late nights!), the stress levels are either at an all time high at work as you desperately try to get everything done, or things have totally slowed down as clients wrap up their end so you’re left twiddling your thumbs…(all the more reason to go out as much as possible!) Lunches become 2 hours and nights out tick over your usual curfew. All bets are off with food as ‘it’s Christmas’, cakes and sweets become the (not so) perfect afternoon pick me up when you just can’t keep your eyes open any longer.

What's the up side to all of this? A hell of a lot of fun! However, the down side is your poor brain and emotional state are generally shot to bits. The combination of too much booze, stodgy and sugary food and a serious lack of sleep is enough to send anyone into a teary spin. And because we’re so used to this being ‘the norm’ we trundle on doing the same thing over and over, wondering why we feel so rubbish.

Our poor brains have had it and simply can’t focus on anything any longer, we make mistakes, our moods become slightly erratic from all the extra cortisol flooding our body. We’re high then low then high again… ooh it’s an emotional roller coaster! Sound familiar?

Fear not! We got your backs. Here at Psycle we’re all about fun. However, for us it’s about finding that equilibrium between partying hard and feeling good, and searching for that word that’s been bandied around constantly, most of us only recognise as we swing by….Yup! Balance. You got it. What if there was a way to have all the fun but feel good doing it?

We believe It’s not so sexy to smash yourself up, then struggle through January with the major blues, Christmas bloat and a seriously low mood (not to mention bank account!). Surely it’s time to try something a little different?

We’re not saying don’t have fun, we are saying look after yourself and your mind in the festive period so that the transition into the new year doesn’t have to be as painful.

Balance is not better time management, but better boundary management. Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices. - Betsy Jacobson

We hear you Betsy, so here are some tried and tested favourites which will help your mind to achieve balance throughout the festive period. Here goes…

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique - This is an amazing tool, it also works instantly which is great news as most of us are super impatient. We want to feel good and we want it now! EFT is a combination of tapping on different points on your body connected to energy meridian channels and saying affirmations out loud. The combination of the two releases anxiety/worry/upset and clears the blocked energy (stress) out of your body. You can nip into the loo and tap for 3-5 minutes and feel instantly lifted. For more information check out The Tapping Solution.

Meditation - Literally 5/10 minutes a day can shift you into a calmer head space. For those of you thinking ‘I don’t have time’ - think again. If you’ve got time to scroll on Instagram, you’ve got time to meditate. And for those of you that are newbies check out Headspace.The perfect introduction to mindful meditation. Carve out some time in the morning, sit at the bottom of your bed, ideally on the floor, if that’s not comfortable you can use a chair. We recommend getting out of bed, so the urge to fall back to sleep isn't there. Sit up straight, close your eyes and get your zen on. The results are fairly instantaneous if you persist for a week or so.

Boundaries - As per the quote above, what a biggie this one is, how many of us over commit generally? Ending up frazzled from all the socialising. Leave space in your calendar for those cheeky after work spontaneous catch ups for sure. However at the same time, get a little smart and plan in key events (Christmas parties, birthdays etc) so you can say no to the rest. It can be done and you’ll get over your FOMO pretty quick when your cosy on the sofa a couple of nights in the month where normally you’d be out. Go on give it a go we dare you!

Digital Detox - We can't bang on enough about this, here at INSPIRE we love a good old digital detox! Quick tips - put your phone in the other room on an evening, connect with your lover/house mate/family member. Flick your phone onto airplane mode through out the day when working. Then if you really want to go hard core - delete social media apps off your phone. Wooaaaah! We’re telling you the result will be a calmer, less frantic you.

Sleep - Arianna Huffington says ‘By helping us keep the world in perspective, sleep gives us a chance to refocus on the essence of who we are. And in that place of connection, it is easier for the fears and concerns of the world to drop away’ and we couldn’t agree more! Check out her book The Sleep Revolution. This is a biggie and we all know it, yet how many of us actually do enough of it? Of course we know some of you are mothers and sleep is a total luxury when you have little ones, however, for the rest of us we have no excuse - get snoozing!


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