This week INSPIRE caught up with Tom Daley. British born diver, specialising in the 10 metre platform event. Tom was one of the youngest competitors to represent Great Britain in 2008, he then went on to winning two gold medals in the 2010 Commonwealth Games (as if you didn't know this already!). We could go on listing accolades however we'd be here all day. So instead, how would we describe Tom? Grounded, funny and a total delight to chat too. Scroll down to read his piece...

What keeps you motivated?

I always have an end goal. Goals keep me motivate. And I want to win an Olympic gold medal. And until I do. That's my motivation.

What do you think are the greatest lessons you’ve learned from your career as an athlete so far?

Sometimes the way competitions turn out seem really unfair. But I now know that every triumph or loss teaches me a lesson.

How do you define health?

I judge health with happiness. I am at my happiest when I am healthy. I love the way eating well and exercising makes me feel. It makes me feel energised and always puts me in a good mood.

If we had a look at your training diary, what would we see? Especially, what do you do to cross-train?

My training diary is jam packed. 65% of my training is dry land. I do weight training, circuit training, ballet, gymnastics, trampolining, Pilates, springs and also my favourite is to go spinning. Psycle has a way of kicking your ass but keeping it fun!

Do you follow any kind of dietary regime? What does a typical day in food look like for you?

I do. I have to be careful with what I eat. Usually my breakfast is high protein and has carbs too. For example scrambled eggs and a bowl of porridge. I always have a snack immediately after my first training session and then have a lunch which is usually some kind of chicken salad with some low GI carbs. And then another snack after my 2nd session and then some kind of meat and vegetable dish for dinner.

What are your favourite supplements or superfoods?

I usually try to get most of my nutrients through actual food rather than taking supplements but I have been using maxi muscle cyclone in the build up to the Olympics.

How do you stay focused and mentally strong? Do you have any kind of meditation or mindfulness practice?

I use the app headspace every morning for 10 minutes of meditation each morning and I feel that really helps me train my mind for competition.

Juggling an athlete’s schedule with a social calendar must be challenging. What do you do to stay balanced?

It is. I usually never get to do all that much when I'm in the full swing of training. So that's why it's nice to have a bit of time off to enjoy myself :)

How do you travel and stay fit?

Staying fit is my number one priority. So I always make sure there is a gym nearby where I am staying :)

Do you have any big goals you’re working on now? What’s next for you?

As of right now. Diving is still my priority and Tokyo 2020 is the next big thing for me to focus on

What inspires you?

The though of being an Olympic champion inspires me every day.


…Book - Harry Potter series

...Kit and trainers - Adidas for sure

…Way to relax and have fun - I love to cook

…Energy Kitchen smoothie - I can't remember the name of it but the one with dates in it.

…Tech accessory - My phone

…Inspirational quote - Work hard and success will follow

…Guilty pleasure - RuPaul's drag race


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