The park workout exercises you’ll love

When the sun in shining and the skies are blue, taking your workout outside for a dose of fresh air could be the perfect way to top up your vitamin D.

If running isn’t your thing, why not head to your local green spot for a park workout? If you’re not sure what to do, try this simple but effective bodyweight workout. All you need is a park bench and a shining sun!

Lateral step-ups

-Standing close to the left side of a bench, place your right foot firmly on the bench with your knee bent. Your left leg should be straight with your foot on the floor.

-Transfer all your weight into the right foot and explode up, extending the right leg to step onto the bench, at the same time driving the left knee high. Keep your chest high and back straight.

-Lower your left foot back down by bending the right knee. As soon as your left foot makes contact with the floor, explode back up into another rep.

15 reps (each leg)

Marching plank

-With feet on the bench and hands on the floor directly beneath your shoulders with arms straight, adopt a high plank position with your body in a straight line, back straight and core right.

-Keeping your body completely still, bring your right knee forwards towards your chest. Return to the start and repeat with your left knee, alternating legs for each rep. Your legs should be the only part of your body moving.

20 reps

Bulgarian split squats

-Stand with one foot resting on the bench behind you, and the other foot firmly on the floor. Make sure the hips and shoulders are square.

-Lower yourself towards the ground by squatting into the front leg. Ensure the knee doesn’t collapse inwards and that the heel stays planted.

-Drive up through the heel back to standing and repeat.

10 reps (each leg)

Elevated press-up

-Place your hands on the bench and feet on the floor in a high plank position, body in a straight line, core tight and neck and back neutral.

-Keeping the hips in line with the body and ensuring the lower back doesn’t overarch, bend your arms to lower your chest to the bench.

-Push back up to the start and repeat.

10 reps

Bench jumps

-Stand facing a bench with feet shoulder-width apart. Lower into a half squat to load up, then jump both feet up into the bench, land softly then stand up straight.

-Step back down onto the ground and repeat.

10 reps


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