On building her brand, guilty pleasures and what keeps her balanced

We caught up with Danielle Copperman Founder of Qnola, also a full time model, qualified nutritionist (dip), food writer and chef. Not much then! We find out what inspires her, how she stays balanced whilst building her well being empire and what her guilty pleasure is. Scroll down to find out more....

1) In a nut shell tell us about you and what makes you tick?

I’m a model, food, travel and wellbeing writer, cook, nutritionist and business owner! I’m into eating well, living mindfully and travelling. I split my time between London and Sweden at the moment as my boyfriend is based there. I love travelling, discovering new places and meeting new people. Although I’m constantly busy juggling three different jobs, I try to follow a mantra I picked up whilst travelling in Belize which is 'go slow'. I love the energy of London but I also love to balance things out and take it easy when I can. I love yoga, I meditate and I like to learn something new on a regular basis - whether it's just freestyle art or new language, I think it's important to stay curious!!

2) Talk us through the inspiration for Qnola and how it came about?

I was modelling full time and had not really shopped or cooked for myself before moving to London at the age of 18. I was overwhelmed with the food in the supermarkets. The labels were so confusing! Once I discovered how terribly sugary commercial granolas are, I started to experiment with gluten free grains and Qnola was born. It is lower in sugar than any other granola on the market and these sugars are only natural, coming from the carbs of the light, organic quinoa and the nectar of coconut blossom. I was inspired not only to make something without gluten and sugar, but also to make something with an abundance of powerful functional ingredients you don't find in standard cereals. Our products are flavoured naturally with superfoods and adaptogens and you'll find raw nuts, cacao nibs, chia seeds and organic herbs within depending on the flavour.

3) What is your morning routine?

Each day is different for me however I really value the morning time. So I wake up, journal or meditate for 5-10 minutes or speak to my boyfriend in Sweden via Face time (he's so chilled and usually half asleep so this is more calming than meditation sometimes)! Then I make a hot drink of lemon and ginger or reishi shilajit. Then I do yoga at home or go to a class somewhere, shower, and start on emails. If I’m alone I'll listen to a podcast or Face time and if I’m with my friends we'll generally have pretty deep chats about food or how the moon is messing with us up :-)

4) What is exciting that is coming up in 2017 for you?

A lot of things! We're launching a lot of new products including products from our Qnola Life a range of lifestyle products. This month we launch our wake up well and wind down well candles and in 2017, we also have new Qnola snacks; an exciting range of unique food products. To top it off, I’m also working on a print project for Qnola and my first book.

5) Favourite smoothie?

Goji, coconut flesh, almond butter, almond milk or coconut water, maca, he shou wu, chaga and bee pollen. Or if I'm in the mood for something greener, avocado, spinach, chia seeds, coconut water, maca, chaga, spirulina, wheatgrass, aloe vera, bee pollen.

6) Guilty pleasure?

Homemade brownies, Swedish baked goods and reeeeal Italian gelato. Oh, and the OC - and I’m totally not ashamed to admit this!

7) What makes you smile?

My friends and family, my boyfriend, the thought of a holiday, simple jokes - I smile at most things!

8) What inspires you?

Women all around me. The earth and the universe. Passion and passionate people. Positivity, art, culture and travel.

9) What are 3 words to describe you?

Chilled, driven and I'd like to think supportive.


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