ELEMIS Co-Founder & Managing Director

Thank you for speaking to INSPIRE today! Can you start by telling us a little bit about your background. What brought you to ELEMIS?

I trained as a therapist in Ireland and opened my own health store. I then moved to New York and learned all about holistic therapy, studying Shiatshu, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. All of these learnings came together when I joined the ELEMIS team in 1989 and began to develop the treatments.

Why skincare? What makes you passionate about skin?

I love that I have the opportunity to make a change to someone’s beauty regime and create products that fit their lifestyle.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Hearing the positive feedback from customers — beauty is so much more than superficiality; it's about a woman feeling comfortable in her own skin and it's inspiring to hear that ELEMIS has helped women with this.

What do you see as the greatest challenge?

We have very high standards for all of our product and treatment development and this means everything undergoes rigorous testing before we release it. This certainly can prove challenging at times! Getting that perfect formulation and incredible results is so important for ELEMIS.

What do you think will be the next big thing in the skincare/beauty industry?

Energising skincare is THE next big thing for skincare. We're launching our BIOTEC range, which is scientifically proven to increase cell energy by 27%. system. This really addresses the way our skin responds to the unique lifestyle each and every one of us leads by targeting the energy levels in our skin cells and rebooting them to allow skin to function at its best – it’s an exciting concept for us and we believe that if we can improve skin function and cell communication and get skin behaving the way it should we’re going to tackle a number of our skin concerns.

What do you see as the most vital step of a skincare routine?

Cleansing is the first and most vital step in a skincare routine. Without a thorough cleanse, any products you apply after just won't be able to do the best job they can do. Find a texture you love and make a ritual of massaging the product into the skin. This is especially lovely to do at the end of the day and helps to de-stress.

What are your skincare non-negotiables?

Believe it or not I am very diligent with my skincare routine! I have a rule to never sleep with make-up on. I always cleanse and tone and I love a good mask, especially pre-party.

Are there any foods you favour or avoid to keep your skin clear and your body healthy?

Definitely - what we put into our body has such a huge impact on our skin. I like to drink lots of water and eat fresh raw food. I'll avoid processed food and try to minimise salt and wheat intake too.

Do you have a fitness routine? What kinds of exercise do you like most?

I love an early morning swim and try to do 30 minutes most weekdays. At the weekend, I'll go for long walks with family and friends which is such a great way to fit in meditative exercise and is a great source of comfort and relaxation for me.

Who inspires you?

Coco Chanel was way ahead of her time. Working in a man’s world, she was a successful business woman in her own right, a patron of the arts, who changed the status quo of fashion in more ways than one. Outspoken and a true individual, her casual chic still influences style today.

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