We Talk To Kara Rosen, Founder Of Plenish


1) Tell us about yourself and what makes you tick?

I love progress. I love moving forward, learning new things, seeing other people grow and as I move forward, leaving a trail of positive experiences with people and the earth.

2) How did the idea for Plenish come about? What was the vision?

After a two year bout of being ill in my twenties, I became empowered by the fact that I healed myself through plant based eating.

I started to study how the foods we eat and drink affect how we feel and perform. For me, most of that involved eating more plant based foods and juicing became my best life hack. Drinking a cold pressed green juice in the morning became a convenient way to squeeze in a kilo of green veg before I left the house in the morning.

I learned to be proactive, rather than reactive about health, filling the tank up with good nutrients regularly so I didn’t run on empty and get ill again.

When I moved to the UK in 2009, I felt cut off at the knees when I couldn't find the kind of raw, organic, low sugar delicious green juices and nut milks I had grown to depend on back in New York. I worked with a talented dietician named Romi Pulichino, who helped me create the original range of six cold pressed juices. Aside from tasting delicious, they were designed to have the nutritional composition to either give you more energy (Boost and Lift), help you relax (Calm), or get you Pumped for a workout.

The name Plenish came organically, as the juices were meant to be a proactive way to fuel your body with high integrity, organic nutrients so you didn’t break down and need to RePlenish. By Plenishing, you could stay ahead, and realise your potential!

3) What exciting plans do you guys have coming up that you'd love to shout about?

We have some exciting new products launching in January 2017, we can't say what they are just yet, but they are incredible!

My new book, Fuel Your Ambition comes out on 29th December on Amazon which is really exciting. It provides the nutritional tools to eat and drink for optimal brain and gut health, so you can feel fantastic enough go out there and crush it! I've also interviewed some incredible and diverse entrepreneurs from Karren Brady to Ozwald Boateng and incorporated the advice of our Nutritional Therapist for great inspiration on building a healthy foundation on which to build a successful career.

4) What's your favourite smoothie?

I am more of a juice gal, and I'd have to say it's a tossup between Fuel (our hard-core green juice with no fruit!) and Kick, our spicy lemonade which I use as a cold or flu buster.

5) What’s your guilty pleasure?

Reality TV!

6) How do you stay calm and balanced over the festive period?

This year, I will go home to America to see my family! The autumn is super busy at Plenish HQ getting ready for the festive period and January. I will take myself out for a week or two to relax, connect with my daughter, hubby and parents before the seven day work week starts in January!

7) What inspires you?

I love to see people succeed, especially when it’s against the odds. I admire people who are motivated to achieve their goals no matter what. It’s such an important quality which I myself thrive to achieve. This was the real motivation behind the launch of our initial juice range, we wanted to provide a pro-active offering to help people meet their goals.

8) What are three words to describe you?

Ambitious, I am really driven to achieve great success and constantly look at ways to develop and expand the Plenish offering. I would also say I am very fair and (I like to think) funny!


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