Instructor Spotlight

What are your 3 non-negotiables when it comes to health?

1. Doubt and can't do not exist. Absolutely a non-negotiable for me and if you've ridden with me, you'll know if I see you shake your head or have your head down whilst you ride, I won't have any of it.
2. Be kind to yourself. Go to a class or workout because you want to, not because you have to. Eat something because it makes you feel good, not because you have to because its part of something. Do things you WANT to, the rest doesn't deserve your time or power.
3. Be more human. Smile, be open, be vulnerable and just be YOU. Don't be scared to try something new, if you like it you like it, if you don't, you don't! We have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. You are your own power.

What are your 3 favourite breakfasts?

Oh man.. here goes..
  1. Oats with ALL OF THE TOPPINGS. Pip & Nut Coconut Almond Butter, Raspberries, Blackberries and Chia Seeds. The best.
  2. Smashed Avocado on Rye. Sprinkle them chilli flakes on there too....
  3. Green Light Smoothie Bowl from Energy Kitchen. With ALL OF THE TOPPINGS. HEAVEN.

When on holiday what is your workout regime?

It really depends where I am, if I'm in a city like New York I'll got to multiple different classes as thats where I gain inspiration. Its what I absolutely love doing - meeting trainers, experiencing new concepts and sweating. It's nice for people to tell me what to do for a change!
If I'm somewhere by the beach and more chilled, I restrict myself to not doing too much as this is where I go to truly recover, rejuvenate and rest. As I need to keep my fitness level high, I'll get creative with my workouts and do predominately strength and conditioning based stuff. HIIT is my ultimate go to workout whilst away, I stick to a simple format, x4 rounds of x8 exercises - 30 secs work 10 secs rest. Exercises will be bodyweight and will vary from burpees, planks, lunges to mountain climbers.

How do you stay motivated?

It's all about finding your purpose. Remembering why I do what I do every single day and who I am doing it for. Our riders, our community and my team is exactly why I get out of bed in the morning and is my only motivation.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is.....

Be ourselves.

What are your 3 favourite healthy snacks?

  1. Cashew Nuts mixed with Raisins are literally everything to me.
  2. Hummus/Quinoa/Lentil/Plantain Chips with some smashed avocado. Di-VINE
  3. Hummus with carrots (and some olives) again, everything.

What are your top self-care tips post workout?

  1. Epsom Salt Bath, MUST BE WITH A CANDLE. Epsom salts for body and candle for the soul. I don't have these every day but a few times a week for sure, especially if I have been and will be teaching a lot. Epsom Salts have all the necessary minerals to replenish your muscles after working out and help to relieve/prevent DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)
  2. Winding Down Time. This is super critical for me. As I teach a lot in the evening, I need wind down time, I need time to come down from the highs, emotions and feelings from class and I need time to process, I can't just come in and go straight to bed. Its actually stressful for me to do that, I have to acknowledge, process and take in everything after teaching a class.
  3. Gratitude. This is something I practise daily in different ways. I have a gratitude journal that was given to me as a gift that I use every few days/once a week. Its really important to me and I thoroughly believe being grateful is the key to being positive and being able to truly appreciate life. I don't ever want to take anything for granted because to me, it is all a gift and I am so grateful to be surrounded by such beautiful energy.

Is there a certain dietary regime you follow? If so, why? What changes have you seen or felt since you have started this?

I am a newbie vegan and SO proud to say that! For me, the changes have been unbelievable to say the least. My body has so much more energy, I feel lighter, cleaner and the most important thing for me, is that I feel more connected. Having researched about being vegan before I decided to change was super important for me, I had to understand it better and let it be a process. I did and its been the best thing I've ever done, I wish I had done it sooner.

What are your top tips for how to keep your energy up?

BEING VEGAN! Ha, just kidding. But seriously, my body hasn't felt better in terms of energy. Eating correctly for whats right for you is critical. You have to feel good about what you eat and it has to be nourishing for your body, it is your temple and carries you everyday.
SLEEP. Minimum 7-8 hours a day. I will admit I have not being doing this and the difference it makes is actually quite scary. Sleep is absolutely critical for me to function and without it, I burnout.
Spending time with friends. Honestly, this is one of the biggest energy boosters for me. Spending time with friends, going away on holiday and being adventurous. Nothing keeps me energised than a balanced life full of fun AND work.

What's the one health tip you wish everyone would do?

Listen to your mind and listen to your body. Being healthy mentally is the goal and everything else will follow.

What got you into the fitness industry?

It helped me overcome an illness. It made me realise whats important and helped me cultivate a more balanced perspective on life. I thoroughly believe I went through that so I could find fitness and pass this learning and gift onto others.

Quickfire questions.....

Best Healthy Restaurant? Cook Daily @ Boxpark. Go and get Vegan Adobo or Le Garden - UNREAL. Don't forget some Vegan Crack whilst your there.
Favourite Dessert? Vegan Ice Cream. Made out of frozen banana - whack some almond butter on top with some berries
Favourite Exercise? Burpee/Deadlift
Least favourite exercise? Squat. Bambi on ice when I squat
Weirdest habit? Oh man, acting like a child 90% of the time?!
One thing you can't live without? My loved ones
Favourite smoothie? Green Light or Just Ride with Raspberries (thanks Ollie for the tip bro) @ Energy Kitchen
Favourite yoga pose? Burpee?! I haven't got into yoga yet... I'm WAY too hyper



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