Get Inspired By Michael James Wong

In a nut shell, tell me about you and what makes you tick?

Growing up I was always well measured, I always had a plan. I was meticulously organised and lived my life with a lot of structure, I guess I was the type that measured twice, cut once and made sure everything was a picture of perfection. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve realised that all the planning and procedure has actually held me back in some ways and that just going with the flow is actually the secret to a happy and healthy life.

I’m a driven person who likes new experiences and I’ve learned over the years to care less about what others think of the outcome of my life and choices and just say yes to as many things as possible.

These days I live for the moment and enjoy days with no plans, and people with no precautions. I’d like to think I’m up for anything and down for a good time. To me life is about!

You've just launched JUST BREATHE and it's going incredibly well, can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the project and what happens at the event?

JUST BREATHE is the first modern mindful community in London and it’s a project to bring more awareness to the benefits of a mindful way of living. The inspiration behind the project is to offer a different way for men & women alike to step away from the chaos of city living and start taking the time to explore mindfulness & meditation.

Each event starts with music and an introduction to meditation and mindfulness. Throughout the evening you'll have the chance to connect with a like-minded community in London who are all there for the same reason, to find a sense of quiet & calm. The night culminates with one final group meditation (20mins) to seal in the evening.

Each month in London we host the event and are excited to continue to keep the quiet conversation going.

Our next event is December 6th, 2016 at Truman Brewery
All the details are on our site www.justbreathelondon.com

And please join our community @justbreathelondon on Instagram!

Tell us about Boys Of Yoga, how it has evolved over the years and what you have going on now?

BOYS OF YOGA was a project I created back in 2015 that focused on the core conversation of getting more guys on the yoga mat, and it’s been an amazing ride. Over the past 2 years the project has continued to grow and spread and has been seen as a catalyst to inspire more guys to try yoga.

The project lives mostly online now on the boysofyoga.com website that shares stories, content, videos, FREE classes and so much more for guys who are new or regular yogis.

Ultimately the aim of the project is to look at the practice in a different way, to open more doors to the benefits of what yoga has to offer and continue to celebrate yoga all around the world.

2017 is looking bright for the project as I’m very lucky to invited to teach, share and travel all around the world helping to start new conversations with new guys about yoga.

Look out for events, festivals & loads more classes, tutorials and harder hitting stories.

Why should men do Yoga?

So often I hear that guys can’t do yoga because they don’t think they’re flexible enough, or that their bodies aren’t right for yoga because they lift weights or do things like crossfit or HIIT training. The reality is that yoga is exactly what they should be doing. Yoga is complimentary, it’s functional mobility, it’s restorative and one of the most amazing ways to bring balance back into the body.

Yoga is the full package.

It’s the physical workout you may want, or desire when you go deeper it’s so much more. Yoga will help you turn the chaos into calm and bring a quieter perspective to our everyday life. Yoga is a practice of finding space through the body, through the mind and through the daily grind, and this is something that all men could use a little more of.

Now is the time to step in and step on the mat, to try it out and see how the benefits unfold. The truth is, ‘some guys think that yoga makes you less of a man, the truth is it makes you a better one’

Your message is bringing mindfulness to the masses, can you expand on this vision?

For many people the idea of mindfulness is not that foreign, most people understand the idea of it all. But for so many people, and me included, it’s about bringing it into our daily lives in all occasions and situations.

My vision to bring mindfulness to the masses to help create conversations that make a daily practice easy & most importantly relevant. If the conversation is bite-sized, simple and easy to digest, then people will start to live mindfully in all aspects of their lives.

Here’s an example…. Try brushing your teeth with your other hand. Simple right? Actually it’s not so much. But what happens when you do it, you’re far more considered and concise on your brush strokes, the angles you’re going in at, the speed and pressure. You’re paying attention and switching off the auto pilot.

This is my version of modern mindfulness. It’s simply just paying attention to every aspect of the here and now and being consideration of experience.

What inspires you?

Inspiration is everywhere. You don’t really need to go looking for it, because there’s stuff everywhere. I’m a big believer though that inspiration comes from experiences, so I like to chat to strangers, try things I haven’t done before and travel as much as I can. But even when I’m sitting at home on a quiet night, I can get inspired by old books or things I’ve collected over the years. While those things haven’t changed, I have, so often times it’s the past that will re-inspire the present.

3 words to describe you?

Dedicated. Focused. Creative

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