By Jody Shield (Healer, Speaker, Author, Lululemon Ambassador)

Do you dream of the day when your money niggles are a distant memory?

When sleepless nights are no more, and you happily coast to the end of the month with a nice, tidy sum in the bank. When you always have “enough” to do whatever you want, whenever you want. When you’re smart and have savings, no credit card debt, and you actually get excited about managing your money.

As you’re reading this, I’m guessing money doesn’t make your world go round? Instead, it causes you a whole lot of stress and drama. Am I right? It certainly seems that way with my clients.

To many of us, money is hard to earn, hard to keep and not easy to manage. We bury our heads in the sand, avoid looking at our bank statements, and dodge online banking. It’s likely you’re already experiencing “resistance” just by reading this. Do you get the urge to close this article, to open something else? To leave the room even?

This is normal, so stay with me. Make friends with your discomfort! Let me make things clearer and easier.

Growing up with money

We inherit our money “stories” and beliefs from our parents. How did your parents relate to money? Were they stressed out? Moaning about not having enough? Quick to judge wealthy people? Not wanting to talk about it? Believed it was hard to earn? Did they divorce and fight about money?

If money creates: fear, resentment, frustration, you’ve most likely witnessed your parents’ negative relationship with money as you’ve grown up. When you’re small, you soak up everything that’s happening around you, including how your parents related to money. Imagine how many memories you have about money? Too many to mention, and too many to remember. And that’s the main problem, we don’t remember.

Our money memories create money stories, which form our beliefs about money. These stay dormant in our subconscious - the part of our brain intelligence that we don’t have access to unless in meditation, in deep relaxation, and with a therapist or healer of some sort. Without this, we miss our “blind” spots, and can’t dig deep enough. We’re too good at protecting ourselves.

The emotions of money

Actually, most of us don’t realise we have money “topics”, let alone that it’s possible for us to change them. Somehow we just accept our tricky relationship with it, and don’t realise we can actually do something about it. We moan and groan, and get completely overwhelmed and stuck with anxiety. We think we have to stay drained at the end of each month, in our overdrafts or in credit card debt.

It’s only when the worry really takes over your life, that you realise it’s time to do something about it.

Money’s a very emotional topic, and the more I work with people on their issues, the more I see it. Something that resonates with me, is that money is a stand-in for what we most value in life. Think about this for a moment. What does money give you? And I’m not talking about Lululemon leggings, or a Mulberry bag, or a holiday to Ibiza. I’m talking about something deeper. What do you value most in your life? How will having more money get you this?

I value freedom the most. If I earn more, I’ll have more freedom. I don’t want to work every day, or as hard as I do, for the rest of my life. I want to be able to take a month off if I want to. To recharge, to reset, to have space for creativity, to plan out what’s next in my life and business. Money’s a vehicle to help me get more freedom. And freedom is something I truly value, and therefore it’s an emotional topic to me.

More joy, less overwhelm

We all deserve to earn more. The more we earn, the more of our gorgeous, bright light sparkles out into the world. And the world needs more of you, and your bright light! So let’s transform your money stories into abundance, and you into a radiant receiver of positive energy and financial flow.

Here’s how:

1.COME TO WEALTHTONIC: the remedy for healing your financial woes. It’s a full day workshop in London, focusing on your relationship with your money. You’ll shift out of debt and lack into abundance and flow. Clear out your past, and your old outdated money stories. Next one in Jan 29th. Find out more here

2.BUY A NEW WALLET. Look in your wallet right now. What do you see? Bundles of receipts? Chaos? Is it tatty and torn? You need to invest into a brand, new wallet. Trust me, it’s worth the investment. Your wallet is a receptacle for attracting in more money into your life. If it’s stuffed full of crap, there’s no space for anything new.

3.BE A BETTER RECEIVER. Start by receiving compliments. Notice yourself when someone “pays” you a compliment. Do you brush it off, or deflect? Instead, try receiving it. Meet them eye-to-eye and say “thanks, I receive that”.

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