5 simple steps

Committed to feeling good all summer long? Then don’t let the scorching heat get in the way of your workout regime. While it can be tempting to skip workouts when the temperature soars in a bid to avoid discomfort, staying hydrated could be the antidote you need to keep you on track.

It’s not as simple as chugging more water while you’re working out though. Follow our simple steps to staying hydrated during the summer to nail those workouts through the heat.

1 It’s an all-day thing

Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water. And definitely don’t wait until you’re in a sweaty mess on the floor of your favourite studio.

Sipping on that good old h2o throughout the day, not just when you feel you need it, is what’s going to keep you properly hydrated. Make water intake the first thing you focus on upon waking, then drink at regular intervals throughout the day, consistently, before you start to feel thirsty.

Aim for at least two litres a day, upping this amount if it’s a hot day and upping it even more if you’re particularly sweaty when you work out. It might even be a good idea to track your water intake to see if you’re actually hitting those goals.

2 Watch the booze intake

Ok ok, we’re not telling you to give it up completely (beer gardens in the summer - we’d never take that away from you!), but at least be careful about consuming too much, and be especially strict when it comes to rehydration.

It might sound like a chore, but drinking water as well as your tipple of choice throughout the night will help to prevent dehydration. If you’ve had a particularly heavy night but haven’t been on top of your water intake to match, then taking an electrolyte drink or chugging coconut water at the end of the night and again in the morning could help alleviate the effects of dehydration.

3 Eat these miracle foods

Did you know that foods can be hydrating as well as fluids? Adjusting your diet to include more hydrating foods can help keep you in good nick.

Consuming fruits and vegetables with a high water content on top of your daily fluid intake will ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep your body hydrated and feeling its best.

4 Better late than never

If you know you get particularly dehydrated in the summer heat, it may be a wise decision to stick to afternoon or evening workouts during the warmer months.

The morning is when we tend to be the least hydrated since we’ve gone a good third of the day without any water intake, while waiting until lunchtime or even the evening until we hit the gym means we’ve had a sufficient amount of time to rehydrate. This can be a lot safer if you struggle with the heat.

5 Avoid heated or outdoor workouts

Hot yoga and park workouts under the sun are awesome, but not so much if you get heat stroke, are we right?

For those who struggle with dehydration, it’s simply better to swerve these kinds of workouts and play it safe in an air-conditioned studio or gym. You’ll still get to smash your workout - just without the side of dehydration! Who knows, now might be the time to try out those new classes you’ve been eyeing up!


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