By Rhian

We look forward to holidays all year, but there's nothing worse than feeling lethargic, bloated and unfit after an overindulgent holiday. On the other hand, balance is essential - so how can we enjoy our holiday without needing a full detox afterwards?

1. Pack your need-to-have supplements

  • Probiotics: BIOKULT probiotics are a great, multi strain probiotic to keep your gut on track during your holiday, especially if you have a long haul flight.
  • Vitamin C: immune boosting & antioxidant. Take 5g before your flights and then a maintenance dose 500mg-1g) throughout your holiday.
  • Milk Thistle: this traditional herb for the liver can help with jet lag, hangovers, digestion and bowel function.

2. Set your food rules

We all generally eat more and drink more on holiday, it's a given. But there's no need to go crazy, so it's still important to follow some general food rules to make sure you still feel energetic, fit and happy.

  • If there's anything that makes you feel bad, make sure you still avoid it (sounds obvious, but we've all been there... holding our stomachs wondering why we had the 4th piece of bread). Repeat after me: it's not a treat if it makes you feel awful.
  • Always have a good breakfast and try to include veggies in it if possible
  • Avoid poor quality/sugary snacks
  • Pick one non negotiable & follow it - this can be as big as no gluten or as small as no snacking, but the discipline will help you stay on track and make better food decisions

3. Do this simple 15 minutes of HIIT to keep your metabolism firing

There's always 15 minutes to spare - and this routine is the perfect holiday HIIT to keep your metabolism firing.

  • warm up for 5 minutes, including some stretches and pulse raising moves (like jumping jacks or a simple jog)
  • set your timer for 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Perform each exercise for 20 seconds at an intense effort - you should be at 85%+ of your max! rest for 10 and move to the second exercise, etc. Do 4 rounds of this - it will take you 8 minutes.
    • plyometric lunges
    • squat jumps
    • fast feet
    • burpees
  • After your HIIT, do some ab work for about 2 minutes and then stretch. That's it!

4. Take some easy equipment

We're not always near a gym when we're on holiday (and even if we were, it's probably not the most appealing thing to do!) so taking some lightweight, easy to transport kit will ensure that you can get a great workout anywhere.

Splurge - TRXs have a high initial cost, but they're super durable (mine's been all over the world for 3+ years now) and can make any beach workout killer.

Save - if the TRX isn't your thing, get a great skipping rope and a set of Thera bands or resistance tubes for some simple resistance work. With these 2 pieces of kit the possibilities are endless!


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