Mindfulness tips for daily life

By Marion Pearce

Mindfulness is often something I am really good at when on holiday, but honestly, living mindfully while in London, working a full-time job and looking after a baby is another story.

Through little lifestyle tweaks, though, there are definitely ways we can achieve mindfulness in our busy lives. These 5 practical mindfulness tips never fail to make me feel so much better. Give them a go!

1 No screens in the bedroom

The first and last thing I want to do when I wake up in the mornings and go to bed each night is to roll my arms around the hubby. I don’t need the Gram when I’m in bed and neither do you. Give yourself that headspace.

2 Walk to places

Mums go on walks, probably because it’s the only time out we have when we are looking after babies on our own. Plus, there’s something about being outdoors that can totally change your mood for the better.

3 Take time to play

Adults get so caught up in work, errands and responsibilities that we often forget to nurture our inner child. If you have children, play with them as much as you can and forget about everything else for a short while.

4 Quit the Gram

This is a tough one but really, successful people on IG don’t spend the majority of their time scrolling through their feed or other accounts – they spend time making their account successful. Remind yourself that unless this is your full-time job, time spent on social media, although in ways useful, should not take away from the time that you spend with real people.

5 Cook your meals

Going grocery shopping, washing your veggies, cutting them, cooking them, making something cool from scratch that you can be proud of and sharing it with your loved ones is such an amazing and fun way to practise mindfulness.


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