By Rhian & Ryan

Whether you’re looking for long lean arms or to increase your maximum strength output, Plyometric training is a fantastic way to build power, increase your metabolic rate, enhance strength and create lean definition.

If you're already set into a regime, you should consider adding some plyos work to improve maximum strength, power output and prevent injury. So why does it work so well? Plyometrics decrease the time between the eccentric phase ( Lengthening ) and the concentric (Shortening), this in turn improves your muscular speed and power. When your muscles concentrically contract than immediately eccentrically lengthen, they produce maximum power. And because plyometrics often rely on body weight and more functional movements, they are great for stability and core integration.Ryan Baronet, Master Trainer of HIIT at Psycle, is a huge advocate of plyo training.

Plyometric training focuses on increasing the strength and efficiency of the fast twitch muscle fibres, effectively allowing you to recruit more muscle fibres in a short space of time. This will enhance your strength, maximum force, and is great for overall stability and functional strength.
- Ryan


This workout mixes calisthenic drills with plyometric exercises to improve upper body strength, power, shoulder and core stability. Add this 20 minute routine to your weekly training regime, either as a part of your gym session or for a pre/post Psycle for a wicked upper body blast. Do it 3x per week for 4 weeks and see how you feel!

1. Ladder in and outs
What it works: shoulder stability in multiple planes, core integration, triceps
  • Beginner: 3 X 10
  • Intermediate: 3 X 20
  • Advanced: 3 X 30
Notes: make sure shoulder is directly over wrist, pull belly button in to activate core stabilisers. Make sure body remains flat throughout.

2. Pike Press ups
What it works: deltoid, triceps, chest

  • Beginner: 5 X 5
  • Intermediate: 4 X 8-10
  • Advanced: 4 X 12-15
Notes: Hands shoulder width distance, throughout movement, try keep tension through whole body, core tight.

3. Power press ups

What it works: chest, deltoid, core, triceps

Tempo: 3 counts down, hold for 1 at the bottom, explode on the way up in 1 count.

  • Beginner: 3 X 10-12
  • Intermediate: 3 X 15
  • Advanced: 3 X 30

Advanced progressions:

  • Hand release push ups
  • Clap push ups
  • Lateral push ups ( Add med ball to take 1 step further)
  • Spider man push ups

Notes: Breathe out on the concentric phase, still keep focused on maintaining a tight core and neutral spine. Regressions start in high plank position, then put knees on the floor to give you your starting position

4. Plank get ups

What it works: deltoids, triceps, back, core, glutes

  • Beginner: 3 X 10
  • Intermediate: 3 X 15
  • Advanced: 3 X 30
Notes: Start in plank position, pull belly button in, activate core. Make sure body is flat with neutral spine. Alternate lead arm after each get up from the bottom position.

5. Medicine ball squat throws

What it works: legs, glutes, core, triceps, chest, shoulder girdle

  • Beginner: 4 X 10
  • Intermediate: 4 X 15
  • Advanced: 4 X 20

Notes: feet shoulder width apart, drive your heels into the ground and aim for a straight back keeping your chest up. Drive through Your heels on the concentric phase, keeping your elbows in front of your shoulders. Breathe out at the top of of the movement

6. Explosive close grip plyos press ups

What it works: triceps, deltoids, chest, core

  • Beginner: 5 X 5
  • Intermediate: 4 X 8 -10
  • Advanced: 4 X 10-12
Notes: do this from the knees to build strength or shorten your range of motion. This is an advanced move and will take time to build up to, so start with ensuring your can do at least 5 solid close grip press ups before trying to increase speed and power output.




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