Why it’s time to assemble your sweat squad

Whether it’s a spin class or a weekly park workout with your closest sweat buddies, working out in a group might be able to bring about more benefits than simply getting a better post-workout shot for the Gram - although that’s important too ;)

From pushing you harder to making you less likely to bail, here’s why we work out better in packs.

1 Staying motivated

Getting yourself to the gym, putting in that extra effort and pushing out those final reps is light work when your motivation is sky high. When your mind is right, no one needs to push you to work hard.

But sometimes motivation levels can plummet, whether that’s due to personal problems, the weather is calling for bars instead of barres or you’re just in a bad mood and would rather faceplant a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in your stretchiest leggings than work out in them. It’s times like these that you need your pals the most. On those days when your motivation is low, theirs will carry you through and vice versa. That’s what we call team work.

2 Being held accountable

When your alarm goes off for that morning gym session and you’d rather get another hour under the duvet than lace up those trainers, it’s easy to make an excuse. But when it comes to bailing on your friends, suddenly those excuses become harder to find.

While we’re not saying you shouldn’t listen to your body if you need a rest day or a lie-in, sometimes simply not wanting to let your mates down is enough to get you to that session that you probably ended up totally smashing, anyway.

3 Friendly competition

You don’t need to be the ‘competitive type’ to benefit from a little friendly competition. We’re not talking a race for time or anything like that. But seeing others perform at a certain level helps you determine how well you’re doing, how much better you could do and how much you’re coasting.

While your workout should always be for you, surrounding yourself with healthy, fit and likeminded people will only push you to do better for yourself.

4 Being sociable

Pub crawls are so last year. These days it’s all about sweatworking or sweat dates. Meeting up with a group of friends or even a date to get your sweat on is the healthiest way to kill two birds with one stone. Not only do you get your workout in but you also get to catch up - and for those with super packed schedules, this can be a life saver.

With all those endorphins floating around, surely it’s the best way to socialise and have a good time? The post-workout selfie is mandatory, of course.

5 Them good vibes

Working out alone can be done, and you an totally see results that way. But have you ever been in a fully booked class packed with people who are all on the same journey? Such. Good. Vibes.

Those classes where a sense of community really shines through, where you encourage each other to push out those final reps or just simply feed off the atmosphere? You can’t say those aren’t the best workouts ever. You don’t get those when you work out alone - no matter how good your playlist is...


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