Small changes for big results

On a quest for better health? Upgrading your diet and in turn your wellbeing can be so much easier than you think. It’s not about restricting yourself from the foods you love, nor is it about chomping on lettuce leaves on the weekends while your mates are out enjoying a glass of wine.

Making the right small tweaks to your diet can have a huge impact, and as a result, you’ll never have to sacrifice the foods you love in order to look and feel your best.

1 Fruit juice for green juice

When it comes to fruit, it’s best to enjoy all that nutritious goodness in its whole form. Since fruit can be very sugary, consuming it with all of its fibre in tact helps to slow down the absorption of the sugar into the bloodstream, keeping your blood sugar levels in check.

If you’re in the mood for juice, opt for a green vegetable juice instead. Much lower in sugar than fruit juice, it’s also a handy way to get a huge hit of nutrients without having to chow down on so much veg. A combination of kale, spinach and cucumber works well with a dash of lemon.

2 Bread for rye bread

Bread doesn’t always have to be the enemy. While conventional store-bought white bread can be packed full of additives, stripped of is natural fibre and incredibly refined, rye bread can make a healthier alternative.

Rye bread is high in fibre and free from refined or processed flour. It has a unique taste and nutty texture - perfect topped with avo and poached eggs (then again, what isn’t?).

3 Breakfast cereal for porridge

Steering clear of sugar-laden breakfast cereals can make a huge difference to your energy levels throughout the day. Starting your day with foods that are high in sugar (check your breakfast cereal’s label for proof!) can quickly result in a sugar low or energy crash. It’s likely then that you’ll crave more high-sugar foods in order to keep those blood sugar levels from dipping.

Opting for a more fibrous and lower sugar breakfast like porridge oats will keep you feeling fuller for longer and give you a more steady feeling of energy throughout the day. Top with nuts, seeds and berries to boost its good-for-you factor.

4 Pasta for courgetti

Can’t live without spag bol? Luckily, you don’t have to. Get your hands on a spiraliser and you can create ribbons out of courgettes, carrots and other veg to enjoy with your bolognese instead of that stodgier, refined pasta.

Of course, we’re not saying you should never kick back and tuck into a bowl of pasta by any means, but this could be the perfect fix if you’re trying to up the health factor in your diet.

5 Breadcrumbs for a chopped nuts

Breadcrumbs make everything better, right? Whether you’re making yourself a chicken katsu curry or homemade fish and chips, you don’t have to sacrifice your favourite foods in a bid for better health.

Substituting breadcrumbs for a nut crust is a clever idea that allows you to still tuck in to something with that tasty crunch without negatively impacting your healthy eating goals. Dip your food of choice in whisked egg and then coat with chopped nuts before baking in the oven.


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