And Why They're Worth It

Squatty Potty

(Image courtesy of Squatty Potty)

We can all admit, the name is cringe. However, this little platform that hugs your toilet allowing you to raise your feet while you eliminate, is, dare I say, life-changing? Reading the SPs website will inform you of its myriad benefits from reducing bloating and hemorrhoids to improved digestive health but this is one of those things you have to try for yourself. It’s just easier and once you use it, you won’t go back. Trust me. Available for purchase on Amazon, £27.

Neti Pot

(Image courtesy of Yoga Studio)

The neti pot is a nasal irrigation tool that flushes the sinuses and lubricates the nasal passages. Sounds pretty magical, right? In reality, think of a small tea pot filled with saline solution that you pour into one nostril and let run through your sinuses and out the other nostril into the bathroom sink. Slightly less magical, maybe. And yet, it works. A nasal rinse is perhaps the best thing you can do to clear all the pollutants and debris building up and plaquing the nasal passages. Available for purchase on Amazon, £11.94.

Jade Face Roller

(Image courtesy of Cult Beauty)

Have you heard about lymphatic drainage? Put simply, your lymphatic system carries waste from the tissue back towards the heart to be expelled. There are many ways you can help this process (massage, dry brushing etc.) but an especially luxurious way, that has the added benefit of clear, glowing skin, is face rolling. A jade roller looks a bit like a tiny back massager but you roll it over your face (on its own or with oil, if you wish). It encourages the circulation, the turnover of cells and, ultimately, lymphatic drainage. And, on top of all that, it’s seriously soothing. Available for purchase on Cult Beauty, from £20.

Ear candles

(Image courtesy of Hallelujah Hive)

These are quite common in my native Canada but seen far less here in the UK. Ear candles are just as they sound, candles that when inserted into the ear and lit create a vacuum that sucks all the gunk (for lack of a more technical term) out. If you’re one of those people that finds cleaning your ears with a cotton bud immensely satisfying, this is like that, multiplied. And, if nothing else, this is a cheap and fun(ny) activity to do with a friend. Available for purchase on Amazon, £6.99 for 5 pairs.

Moon Cup (Diva Cup in the US/Canada)

(Image courtesy of The Daily Mail)

So, this is exactly a ‘wellness tool’ but it could be argued that menstruation is a wellness topic and the equipment used to manage it are...tools? In any case, the Moon Cup, for those who don’t know, is a small silicon cup that acts as a container during your period, which can be removed, emptied and reinserted. It is a sustainable alternative to traditional methods (pads, tampons) and it not only a better solution for our planet but also makes periods so much easier to handle. Just imagine never having that ‘I need a tampon and don’t have one’ moment ever again. Available for purchase from MoonCup.co.uk, £19.99.


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